Shaolin Schools in Greece

Our aim is dissemination of authentic traditional Shaolin Kung Fu in Greece. For this purpose has come the combative monk  Shi Miao Jie 释妙 who has oversees this purpose under the command of his master  Shi Heng Jun 释恒. The porpose is to open many Shaolin Kung Fu schools in Greece, spreading the precious art of Saholin Wu Gong for both, body and spirit cultivication. Every official school named in Greece as "Pigi Τou Nearou Dasous" (Η Πηγή του Νεαρού Δάσους") and all together aparts the Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple's Union.Already four of his students have opened school in Greece and one will be open in Canada. The future plans are to open his own school in the center of Athens.