Shi Heng Jun 释恒君 35th generation shaolin master

Μaster Shi Heng Jun (释恒君) was born in 1966 , in a family that practised martial arts for many generations, in Shan Dong (山东) province, in China.
Having a great interest in Chinese martial arts since childhood , master Shi Heng Jun began his training in Xing Yi Quan "The art of heart and mind" , and also in traditional Qi Gong (气功) that was shown to him by his grandfather , at the age of six . Later , he left his family and became master Shi Yan Fo's student , Shi Yan Fo (释延佛) is a 34th generation master of the Shao Lin temple and abbot of Fa Wang temple.

Under Shi Yan Fo's strict supervision and hard training and after many harsh winters and hot summers of training had passed , master Shi Heng Jun achieved the highest level of Shao Lin Combatant Monks, familiar with all eighteen weapon categories and also with inner and outer Qi Gong.

In 2000 thanks to his integrity in his practice in Shaolin martial arts and to his study on Chan Buddhism, he was elected as a "Modern Buddha", one of the eighteen high priests of Saholin Temple. This distinction is only given to the highest of skill in the temple.
The same year appear in the National Geographic's documentary about Shaolin Gong Fu "Myths and Logic of Shaolin Gong Fu" that became him very popular. This documentary inspirate also the Greek Shaolin lovers Christos Panagopoulos & Ioannis Kokotinis to search about him and finaly create the Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple branch in Greece.

In 2002 he was transferred to the great Fa Wang temple, as the leader of Wu Sheng ( 武僧) "Combatant monks" in the temple . Ever since he oversees the group of "Shaolin Secular Disciple's Union", a choosen team of Shaolin students, that has as its purpose to preserve and spread out the true spirit and principals of Shaolin Gong Fu, so much in China as in the rest of world too.
Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple' s Union in China Old Photo
Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple' s Union in China