Shaolin Temple

Mountain Sung is one of the five holy mountains in China divided into two mountains , Sao Shi and Tia Shi Shan. The temple lies between these two mountains at the foot of Sao Shi , into the forest. It took the name Shao Lin from that forest.

Ba Tuo was the founder of shaolin temple , he was the first abbot of the temple and translator of the buddhist documents from their ancient writtings into modern chinese . He was the one who created the rituals and ordained the first monks Hui Guang , Seng Chou and others. This is a historical event and it is written in the oldest book of Den Feng law .

In Shaolin temple Ba Tuo , proclaimed the Buddhism Hinayana of the "Buddhism of the small vehicle" also known in chinese as Xiao Cheng , which was a premature part of the India Buddhism , which supported solitude . That narrow and strict form of Buddhism had many rules (250 for men , 500 for women) and it was non-achievable for most people , even for monks . As a result , Ba Tuo had little apostles .There where many worshippers , who came to him from all places in the world seeking Hinagiana Buddhism . Among them , Hui Kuang and Seng Chou were the best of Ba Tuo's apostles. Honored BaTuo's two gifted and renowned monks , were former generals and were the first ones to bring martial arts in the temple . According to a legend , the monk Hui Kuang could kick 500 times at the speed of a flying arrow and monk Chu had separated two tigers that were fighting , with his staff , and chased them away . These two monks established martial arts in the temple and that is how Shaolin warriors tradition began.

With the arrival of the great teacher Da Mo (达摩) , Ba Tuo's genealogy in Shaolin temple completed and faded away fast just as Shia Cheng Buddhism did.