Shi Yan Ye 释延業 (Miao Jie) 36th generation shaolin master

侯业帅 Hou Ye Shuai was born in 1982 in the province of Shan Dong 山东 in China. The monastic name is Shi Miao Jie 释妙杰  of the 36th generation of combat Shaolin monks.

From an early age he loved the Chinese martial arts "following" a local martial arts instructor. At age 12 he left home to go to temple Fa Wang. There he was accepted as a student of the high priest of the temple Shaolin  Shi Heng Jun 释恒 where he begins to study with great zeal Shaolin Wu Kung. Following the monastic order, waking up every day at 04:30 for the hard training in the martial arts temple Fa Wang. The 9 hours of hard exercise a day hardly balanced half hours of sleep. Life in the temple is extremely difficult. Training in martial arts is diligent and laborious. Ten years passed quickly as lightning.

Criteria with great interest the meticulous study perception and tireless training Kung Fu, was chosen to enter school with the best Shaolin students. So in 1998 he moved to Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple's Union in China, master's Shi heng Jun school, continuing to study kung fu and also take part in shows until the summer of 1999.

In June 2000 he attended the first session of martial arts in Shaolin in Deng Feng 登封, presenting forms Shaolin as Da Hong Quan 大洪拳, Shaolin Dao (Broadsword) Shaoln" and Jiu Jie Bian 九节鞭 (9 parts whip). In August of the same year is sent to school in the city instructors Hua Xian. In March 2001 he participated in the second session of martial arts Shaolin held in Deng Feng city. That same year the department Shaolin Kung Fu of the general office of the sports in city Deng Feng, after evaluating training in martial arts combatant monk Miao Jie, officially recognizes him as an instructor. Also he has been participated to famous National's Geographic Documentary "Myths & Logic of Shaolin Kung Fu" performing spear at 2002 (Release 2003).
In 2003 selected and placed in the category of jury Shaolin Kung Fu Deng Feng city, where he evaluated as important judge of the general office sport.

In August 2004 attending the first global organization of traditional Chinese martial arts. In October of the same year invited to Spain to teach Kung Fu Shaolin until August 2005, where the teacher asks Shi Heng Jun his return to the  Fa Wang Temple

To 2005 master Shi Heng Jun allow him to come in Greece and stay here till nowadays.

During his stay in our country lechei received many performances and presentations on the dissemination and promotion of Shaolin Kung Fu in Athens and other Greek cities (Corinth, Thessaloniki, Drama). Also he has been leader of many educational workshops at schools in Corinth & Sepolia.
Still has taken part in the famous humorous television series LAPD (Choreography and performance combat scene) and in a TV ad (see below to the videos).
Now he owns school in Athens, 30, Sofokli Venizelou, Dafni (100 meters from metro station "Dafni").
Contact phone:  +30 697 3415868

Shi Miao Jie in the Shaolin Temple
Shi Miao Jie in the Thousand Archats hall
Video Gallery

Shifu Shi Yan Ye (Miao Jie) videos

3bit TV advertisment with kung fu performance
Choreography & kung fu performance for Greek TV ad. 3Bit
Xiao Hong Quan at Hereon lighthouse Greece
A special performance literally the "cutting edge" of Xiao Hong Quan by our teacher Shi Miao Jie
Shi Miao Jie presents Shaolin Gong Fu in ALTER TV channel
Shi Miao Jie presents Shaolin Kung Fu to Greek channel ALTER (2008). Performs double bian & shaolin broadsword.
Kung Fu choreography in L.A.P.D. by Shi Miao Jie
Choreographed Kung Fu for TV series L.A.P.D. (MEGA channel), Shi Miao Jie (36th generation combat Shaolin). The series required a scene where one of the actors is rescued by a robber with the help of an imaginary guard Shaolin monk.
Shaolin educational trip to China 2010
Shi Miao Jie leads Greek Shaolin Secular Disciple's Union in China (2010)

Shaolin School in Athens (Dafni) directed by Shi Miao Jie
On Friday 10 May 2013, presence of the master Shì Héng Jūn 释 恒 君 inaugurated the new "Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple's" school in Athens, directed by shifu Shì Miào Jié 释 妙 杰. Here is a small taste of this night.
Shi Miao Jie performs Shaolin Luohan Dui Da 少林罗汉对打 - The fighting method of Shaolin Louhan
Shi Miao Jie presents to Shaolin Luohan Dui Da 少林罗汉对打 - The fighting method of Shaolin Louhan
Choreographed fight scence for theatrical performance of "Iliad by Homer" by Stathis Livathinos
Shi Miao Jie preparing actors for the choreographed fight scenes for theatrical performance of "Iliad by Homer" by Stathis Livathinos. December 2013
Xiao hong Quan
Slide show and Xiao Hong Quan performance from Shi Miao Jie
Shaolin kung fu performance in Greece TV from a little talent (girl 6 years old)
Shi Miao Jie present his little talent (girl 6 years old) in Greek TV Star Channel.
Release Date: 25/4/2014
Chinese new year celebration "Year of the Horse" 2014 in Dafni school
Dafni's school celebration for Chinese New Year of the Horse (2014)